Power BI

Power BI is a relatively new but extremely powerful Business Intelligence (BI) tool developed by Microsoft which provides the ability to develop advanced reports and dashboards.

Data can be sourced from both Ostendo and a wide range of other data sources including other ERP software and accounting products.

Power BI reports and dashboards are accessible via the Power BI website, the Power BI desktop application as well as the Power BI Android and iPhone apps.

At MBS we have the ability to develop Power BI dashboards consolidating data across Ostendo and other accounting systems and even develop custom Power BI visualisations based on customer requirements.

A few examples of some Power BI dashboards we have developed for customers include:

  • A cashflow forecasting dashboard taking data from both Ostendo and MYOB to develop a cashflow waterfall based on all expected cash in/outflows for a given date range.
  • Advanced sales metrics including budget vs actual sales by salesperson by region, sales trends and multi-level drill downs on charts for a variety of sales related information.
  • Purchasing and inventory metrics / history.
  • Divisional KPI reporting.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss how Power BI could be integrated into your business.